Positive Action: NYE360 2019 Recap

Donating to homeless & low income people and pets, offering harm reduction education, and ringing in a massive new year.

For Bassnectar’s 18,000 person New Years Eve event in Louisville, KY, we asked local fans to point out the issues and needs in their community. Overwhelmingly, helping out homeless folks and doing some good for animals in need were at the top of the list.

We connected with the fantastic team at St. Vincent De Paul Louisville and organized a coat drive, and No Kill Louisville teamed up with us and local hotels to hold a pet food drive. Conscious Alliance returned to host a food drive for local food banks, too.

In one night, we collected over 1000 coats, three thousand dollars of pet food, and 1200 meals for humans. We also held our first harm reduction workshop, one for Ambassadors, and one during the show in The Haven.

1000+ Coats for People & Food Pantry Volunteering

We collected over 70 contractor bags full of coats, amounting to over 1000 coats in total. Here are a bunch of bags as the St. Vincent De Paul team rushed to ferry them from the event to their facility, having to take multiple trips as their van wasn’t big enough by half.

Between 40 and 70 homeless families are on the waiting list for emergency shelter each night in Louisville, while there were 1,039 unduplicated families who spent time on this waiting list throughout last year. While we aimed to serve a symptom of homelessness with this effort, the causes are many, and understanding what they are and taking action in our own communities is an important step toward creating a future where everyone has a safe home.

Our partner, St. Vincent De Paul of Louisville, runs a free shop for low income folks to get coats, maintains a food pantry, and serves 12,000 meals a month thru their soup kitchen. Learn more about their services and volunteering with them here.

In addition to our wildly successful coat drive, Ambassadors also volunteered at the St. Vincent De Paul Food Pantry on new years eve.

$3,000 of food for Pets

We collected several huge melon boxes full of pet food and supplies at local hotels on new years eve, amounting to at least $3000 of food that will be going straight into the mouths of animals that might otherwise be surrendered to shelters because their humans have fallen on hard times.

Homeless pets are a human-caused problem that require humans to step up and be a part of the solution. Never purchasing pets from breeders (only from shelters and rescues), promptly getting our own pets spayed or neutered, joining in on efforts to spay and neuter local feral cat colonies, and fostering animals if we can are commitments we can make to help ensure every pet is healthy and wanted.

No Kill Louisville operates as a foster-based rescue, where they pull animals from death row shelters and foster them until they can be adopted, they also operate a Pet Food Bank where they provide low/no income families with free pet food & supplies in order to keep happy, healthy, and loved pets at home and out of shelters. The pet food bank serves 120-200 families a month.

As the No Kill team picked up all the donations on January 2nd, they sent us this message:

They are always seeking more pet food donations, as well as monetary donations to help them purchase what they need. Learn more here.

Thank you to the Crowne Plaza & Hilton hotels, who were kind enough to host collection bins in their lobbies, with the Crowne Plaza even giving us our own room for all these pet food donations.

Harm Reduction Workshops

Be Interactive welcomed People for Sensible Drug Culture, Drug Education Consulting, & a Louisville-based Registered Nurse to NYE360 to offer two workshops on Harm Reduction, one for Bassnectar’s Ambassadors, and one for any ticketholder who wished to attend.

These workshops focused on healthy & responsible partying tips, how help those experiencing medical issues at concerts, signs & ways to support people experiencing problematic drug use, and more.

1200 Meals Collected

Our friends with Conscious Alliance were back again with a fantastic lunchbox featuring art by Sebastian Wahl. Find more information and links to purchase lunchboxes in their store at consciousalliance.org

Thanks to your donations, they were able to collect 1200 meals that were donated to Louisville’s Dare to Care Food Bank.

Louisville is voted the most compassionate city in the USA, and we kept up that tradition. Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen.

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