#EmpathyArt Gallery Recap

On May 8, 2020, artists across the country offered over 500 individual works of art in support of Be Interactive and Conscious Alliance. #EmpathyArt was a major decentralized hashtag art gallery.

Art was posted on Instagram during gallery hours, for sale or auction according to the artist’s preferences.



Learn more about how #EmpathyArt worked

The goal of this project is to support visual artists, Conscious Alliance, and Be Interactive’s COVID micro grants, and is a part of the release of ‘Empathy (Bass Remedy Remix)’ from Bassnectar’s forthcoming ‘All Colors’ album.

On May 8, artists from all over will be posting canvases, prints, shirts, jewelry, or other merch, for sale with the hashtag #EmpathyArt, and donating at least 50% of the income generated to support either Be Interactive’s COVID micro-grants, or Conscious Alliance’s massive effort to feed the hungry, which has donated over 500,000 meals since mid-March to help address dire shortages in the food bank system.

Both Conscious Alliance and Be Interactive have depended largely on shows for donations, and with those on hiatus, we’re working together on creative, decentralized ways to raise both funds, and awareness – as well as create an opportunity for artists who may also be struggling during these crazy times.

Read on for how to participate as an artist.

Artists, participate wherever you are! Here’s how:

1. Create an awesome piece of art, if you haven’t already. If you’re going to create a new piece, by all means post your progress and tag @BeInteractiveHQ so we can share it and build excitement!

2. On May 8, at 12 pm PT / 3 pm ET, post your art with the hashtag #EmpathyArt on Instagram, and offer it for sale or auction. By submitting your art as a part of the fundraiser with the #EmpathyArt hashtag, you agree to the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.

3. Once your art has sold, please donate 50% of proceeds to Conscious Alliance or Be Interactive:

For both organizations, please put “Empathy Art” in the comments when donating!

4. Don’t forget to communicate clearly with the buyer of your art on shipping timeline and tracking information when available!

That’s it — it’s pretty simple. We’re so excited over the coming weeks to share images of your art in progress, so please be sure to post pictures of your art, and you working on it, and tag @BeInteractiveHQ so we can see it!

Artist Terms & Conditions

You are pledging to make a donation

By participating in the #EMPATHYART Digital Gallery and Fundraiser (the “Fundraiser”) you are pledging to donate at least 50% of Proceeds to Be Interactive, Conscious Alliance or both (collectively, the “Charities”). You understand that use of the #EMPATHYART hashtag and other assets and intellectual property of the Fundraiser and/or the Charities is contingent on you making the foregoing donation, and failure to follow through with the donation upon a sale constitutes fraud. Please do not participate if you do not intend on donating at least 50% of proceeds from any art sold through the Fundraiser.

Intellectual Property

In connection with the Fundraiser, you can use the Fundraiser name and description, and supply links to and information about the Charities, but you may not use the Bassnectar name, logo or other intellectual property of Bassnectar, other than linking to and sharing public posts by Bassnectar in support of the Fundraiser.

You understand that you are fully responsible for your art, and you shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Be Interactive, Bassnectar, Conscious Alliance, and any and all of their affiliated entities, members, directors, shareholders, and representatives from and against any third party claims, actions or demands arising from or related to any claim that the art you have submitted to the Fundraiser infringes upon any right of any third party, or any claim by any purchaser related to a failure to receive the art, any damage to the art, or any other claim by any purchaser whatsoever. You are fully responsible for ensuring that your art is yours alone and does not include the property of any other person.

No Endorsement

Inclusion of the art in the Fundraiser is not an endorsement of the art, the artist, or any opinions of the artist. All views expressed in the art are solely the artist’s and not the views or opinions of Bassnectar, Be Interactive, or Conscious Alliance.

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